Thursday, October 29, 2009

Orissa Govt Announce Financial Assistance to Drought-Hit Farmers

The state government on Thursday has announced financial assistance to the drought-hit farmers. In the state farmers are affected badly due to the crop damage. Even in some parts crops damaged due to less rainfall and pest attack.

The state government will provide assistance of Rs 4000 to the farmers per hectare for irrigated land and Rs 2,000 for non-irrigated land. The financial assistance by the state government would give relief to the drought-hit farmers in the state.

The year is most tough time for the farmers across the nation. And the situation of farmers in Orissa is worse due to the crop damage. Many farmers in the western Orissa staged demonstration over many issues including death of farmers and crop damage.

Considering the farmers situation, the state govt had set up on fact finding team. The state government has also received report from the fact finding team about the farmers situation and their cultivations.
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