Thursday, July 31, 2008

BPUT to defer Campus Recruitment for Enginnering Students

In a significant development, the Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT) has decided to ask all industries, corporate houses and small companies not to hold campus recruitment during the 5th semester of Engineering. The decision was taken as BPUT felt that students hardly concentrate on their studied after getting selected by a company.

The BPUT authorities will ask the companies to hold campus recruitment only after seventh semester. Several technical universities in the country have always taken this step.
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At August 29, 2008 6:49 PM , Blogger sandeep said...

What i would like to say that, do whatever but dont play with a stundent career. Any body gets into the engineering college to get a job not for research, for which u can prefer IIT. So focus on how to place a candidate in this competitive environment as well as his career not by imposing certain laws


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